American Spirit nudi usluge lektorisanja:
  • Dokumenata
  • Naučnih radova
  • Knjiga na engleskom jeziku
Paul offers editing services for your English language:
  • Website content
  • Children’s books
  • YA fiction
  • Adult contemporary fiction
  • Business correspondences
  • Personal correspondences
  • Master’s thesis papers and doctoral dissertations
  • Scholarly or industry journal articles
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Marketing & advertising materials
  • Curriculum vitae/resume

Paul has been a freelance copywriter and editor for more than 20 years.

He is currently an English Professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. He is a published poet and short story writer. He was granted the Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and Poetics by Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

He is currently seeking to work with text translated to English by a non-native translator seeking a colloquial transition.

English is Paul’s native language.

Editing fees and completion time vary by project.