Choose Your Own Adventure


American Spirirt has partnered with two of Novi Sad's providers of Work and Travel adventures for students.

To which end, we are designing classes that will address the special needs of students engaging in a work and travel program. Our goal is to improve their English language communication skills and enable them to be confident in their new work surroundings. We can teach them about social normality regarding their working and living environment, and language related to their specific job assignment. Heightened language skills and cultural behavior awareness will lead to a more satisfying experience, help them make friends with native coworkers and locals, and support their attempts regarding promotion and the possibilities of a higher pay rate.


We are including links in this blog for the two companies we believe can offer you the adventure you are looking for. Each one is different, as all of you are different, and we believe that between the two of them you will find what you need. They can help you get you where you want to go, and we can help you prepare for the journey.


If you find yourself on Oslbodjenja you can drop down Augusta Cesara to the offices of American Adventure.


If you are in the center of the city you can ask a few questions from the gentlemen at InSpirit Work & Travel.


Or call our office if you have any questions!