Wine & Deli


Ella Polak was actually the first person through the door when we opened for business last September. She is one of our finest conversation students, and has broken away from the pack by participating in private studies with me regarding wine related vocabulary and information in English.

She is also employed as a consultant and quality control adviser at Novi Sad's newest casual fine dining restaurant, Wine & Deli, over on Kosovska 15.

Ella invited my manager and I for a tasting menu of what the new kitchen has to offer, and I must announce to all that may be reading this blog: Wine & Deli is the newest finest restaurant in Novi Sad.

Focusing on local ingredients, with a definitively Mediterranean spirit, Wine & Deli serves up food expertly complimented by wines paired with the kind of finesse I was accustom to tasting when I dined out in Manhattan. ...Impressively, all of the wines are vinted in Fruska Gora. If I had not been sold on that fact that Vojvodina is a properly international wine growing region, that meal educated and enlightened me. The world may some day have the Chief Sommelier of this restaurant for bringing this kind of focus to the wines of Fruska Gora.

And while the dishes my manager and I were served tended toward modern turns on classic Mediterranean, I was informed that as Wine & Deli evolves, their menu will include Serbian classics paired to local wine. Something I am certainly looking forward to, having become a fan of local cuisine over the year and a half I have lived in Novi Sad.

...Not that I am unable to enjoy an ice cold Jelen or a Krstac spritzer with my Sarma or Riblja Corba, but the dry Riesling I drank with the salmon tartare or the Pinot Noir that accompanied the duck breast and pumpkin mousse sang to me in the ways I love best.

I have classes soon, but I cannot end this without saying that the service was excellent. I don't know every waiter in this city, so I cannot make any absolute comparisons, but in reference to my own experience dining out in Novi Sad, this waiter is the best in town. He would make it in Manhattan in a heart beat.

So, go forth and enjoy all that Wine & Deli has to offer. Ask for recommendations from Ella.

Trust me on this.


Paul Gomez