Private Services

I specialize in writing and editing English Language copy for businesses and web developers for whom English is not a first or fluent language.

The advantages of employing an English language writer with native and fluent skills are apparent. I would be able to either compose new copy specific to your needs, or edit your present copy to reflect the professional attitude your company strives to achieve.

I have a strong history in retail sales, mostly based in verbal improvisation regarding product description, with particular emphasis on brand recognition and popular appeal. I am a practiced essayist and creative writer, and have recently turned my craft toward professional copywriting. I focus on drafting original content for the websites of companies angling toward an English language based clientele.

My strengths are in my flexibility and my talent in emulating the various kinds of commercial writing styles that would be necessary to sell or promote a certain product, or inform an individual or body of individuals about a product or service.

The advantage of hiring me, beyond my capabilities, is the fact that my rates are highly competitive in regards to what an American writer challenged by the cost of living in America would demand. In other words, I provide excellent content for less money.

Contact me and we’ll discern whether my skills and talents would fulfill your needs for copywriting, and the advancement of clarity in your advertising, marketing, and branding.



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