American Spirit

American Spirit came to life when my wife Ivana and I decided that the best thing we could offer in regards to the development of Novi Sad was a school whose main mission was to improve the English language conversational abilities of its students.

We moved to Serbia in the Spring of 2011 from New York City. Astoria, in Queens, actually, with our two children, Troy and Isadora. Ivana is from here originally. I spent the first year as a freelance copywriter and English language teacher. I am a passionate writer and love the English language, so what better career could I choose in this country than teacher? 

As a freelance teacher, when I'd meet students, among the first things they would tell me is they'd taken English language classes at school when they were growing up, often privately, and that while they'd been well taught the elements of grammar, what they lacked was a solid base in conversation. That these other schools just weren't focused on teaching conversation.

Which led me to believe that what Novi Sad needed was a school for conversation. A place to hold classes where the MAIN focus was conversation. That's why Ivana and I opened American be that school.

We're aware that people are at various levels of conversational ability, and some have different needs than others, so we are offering conversation classes at varying levels of proficiency, and invidividualized services for those less concerned with learning to speak and more interested in precision level English language provisions.

I believe that we offer the best conversation classes in the entire city, because not only are our methods of teaching conversation superior, we focus on raising your level of confidence in regards to your ability to speak.

There are many reasons people want to improve their English conversation skills. Somebody wants a promotion at work, somebody wants to be able to travel and speak with foreigners everywhere in the common language of the day, and some people just want to learn English and get out of Serbia so they can explore what the rest of this great society of ours has to offer.

We support your plans and dreams and will work to help you make them come true.

So check out our directory of Classes to see if there is something right for you.


Paul Gomez, Director